With the journey of a Globe-trotter, Soukaina is passionate about sustainable beauty. It all began with her curiosity when experimenting with natural products back at home in Morocco, the country of Argan oil. Along with her travels, she was always looking for products rich in experiences with scents, textures and ingredients that feel good, and do great.
Her career in the top notch advertising firms where she took care of the biggest beauty brands provoked an awakening. Giving her perspective about a world invaded by overpromising products, and misleading claims. A reality that seeded in her the desire to drive change by starting to look at beauty through a different lens… Forming a new vision, where Beauty is defined by a more balanced lifestyle with products used as ingredients to support change, and disrupt the conversation with a new narrative revolving around emotional well-being.
Today, Soukaina's mission is to serve people in total transparency by providing the best experience across Free Your Skin, a platform dedicated to replace old habits by new ones. Also here to inspire, teach and guide towards a better lifestyle. With an ultimate goal, to grow a new type of community in the Arab world, led by acceptance and self-love.