The best things are cruelty-free

Cruelty-free beauty means that products were not tested on animals—no guinea pigs, rabbits, rats or any other creatures forced to use skin care and cosmetics to see if they are irritating to skin. All of our brands commit to testing out their products only on human beings (who volunteer or are paid!).

Fortunately, the vast majority of cosmetics companies stopped testing on animals years ago in response to consumer demands. 

All of this is great news for animals and animal-lovers like us. We’ve been here all along and we’re glad to see the tide turn so decisively in the direction of cruelty-free.

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Your skin deserves your care

When we are sleep deprived, we start to notice more fine lines, Hyper pigmentation and saggier skin. The reason is simple: our body release Cortisol, the stress hormone that breaks down collagen making skin sag and wrinkles more prominent.